When you visit a hotel these days, you can pay your bill, schedule activities, even order room service — all through your television. Imagine doing the same at your hospital. At Kaiser Permanente, The Garfield Innovation Center is making that experience a reality, using interactive patient care technology to engage patients and streamline workflows.

Dr. Sidney Garfield pioneered a game changing health care delivery model that kept people well, in addition to providing care when ill. He envisioned a system that encouraged members to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which ultimately became the roots of Kaiser Permanente’s “Thrive” motto.

This new approach to hospital-based healthcare was first tested at Kaiser Permanente’s Panorama City Medical Center, allowing patients access to a complete library of educational resources, view personalized education plans, take tests on what they learned, submit surveys, and more. It was a huge success.


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More new and exciting changes are being innovated and testing at The Garfield Innovation Center in San Leandro every day.  You can learn more about our work here or take a virtual tour here.